Embedded Galaxy established in 2013. It was formed by professionals with qualifications and industrial experience in the fields of embedded systems, real-time software, and industrial electronics. We are professionally managed company in the business of change, manages complexities with an unparalleled insight with resources focused on solution.

 Embedded galaxy uses an innovative strategy framework to deliver a range of research projects and services to the Education sectors.

 A superior efficiency brought with several years of experience shared by large talent pool of engineers and equipped with competencies in designing and developing Embedded Systems, Architectural System Design and Analysis, using Embedded Systems.

 The company is committed to improving knowledge in the field of embedded systems towards the students through Industrial Training classes and workshops.

 The company Develops projects for the BE/BTech/Mtech and the trainer kits require for the colleges and developers. We also provide the support to the industries in the field of embedded system product development with 8, 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers.

 We offer the training programs for Advance Embedded System design and development full time six months Industrial Training. For the Engineering colleges we offer the Workshop on 8/32 bit microcontroller.

 We offer the services like embedded system software architecture development, boot loader, Real time operating system, protocol stacks developments.